Some days I am still surprised at the amount of sin that happens in the Koehler family. Today at a track meet, two of my children were so crabby, selfish, and whiny! It was quite frustrating. But the sad reality is that I know my children closely resemble their parents in many ways including their faults and sin. Our sin undoubtedly trips us up and causes us to be undesirable. At least sin in young children can be comical occasionally, but as adults sin is disastrous. My children aren't the only ones who have rough days. Generally we all have those days where we wish we could scream and throw a fit, but the site would not be pretty. So what do we do with a the anger and frustration that piles up on the inside of us and causes us to sin? Hebrews says, "And I will forgive their wrongdoing; and I will never again remember their sins." (8:12) God forgives us for all our fits we throw, all the unkind words, and all the sin. Because God promises that he will never again remember our sin, we each have a fresh, clean card for a new start. We confess, and we are clean. If a holy, perfect God can forgive all our junk, I also believe we should forgive each other completely. Let's follow God's pattern and forgive each other. Clean, new starts are the best way to begin a day.

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