Prayer is an interesting topic that is a part of life for all believers. Prayers come in different languages, simple thoughts, questions, cries, eloquent words, and songs. Prayers are spoken by the young, the busy, the overwhelmed, the dying, the sick, the wise, the desperate, the happy, and the old. I love reading prayers in the Bible. Throughout the book of Psalms there are several honest, heart felt prayers. Reading the Psalms challenges me over and over again to pray what's on my heart. There are days where I pray through the "list" without opening my heart and feelings to God. God desires for us to communicate with him on an intimate level. God is our Father, friend, and Savior. In Psalm 125 it says, "O Lord, do good to those who are good, whose hearts are in tune with you. But banish those who turn to crooked ways, O Lord. Take them away with those who do evil. And let Israel have quietness and peace." I have several people I'm praying for today that need God to do good for them in tough situations, and you probably know many too. Banish isn't a word I use too much unless we are playing pirates at my house, but I'm thankful God let's us voice our opinions. Tell God what's on your heart. He loves you, and he desires to hear from you!

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