So wherever I walk or drive currently, it's breath-taking. I love the color and beauty of fall. We learn about God when we notice what he has made. It's a fun thought to think that God has created all the autumn decor we see. All of creation...the yellow, orange, green, red, and brown foliage brings honor to God, and it brings such enjoyment for us. The God who has painted the trees cares and loves me. Not only does he care, he helps me. "Our help is from  the Lord, who made the heavens and the earth." (Psalm 124:6) We are never alone without help because the Creator is with us. There are days when we need a plumber, a babysitter, a painter, a counselor, a friend, a trainer, a maid, or all of these! But we have the Creator who will help us. Have you asked him today? Tell God what's on your heart, all you need, and your worries. God loves to hear from you.

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