School days...

Early mornings, schedules, homework, sports, classes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, events, and pressures comprise a school day. School brings out different emotions in each of my kids. This morning one of my children struggled getting out the door with a smile. It took me by surprise, and it made me sad. I was reminded of what my husband said on Sunday. It was number three on the list "6 Things I Wish Older Christians had made me listen to". Number three was "loving God doesn't equal an easy life." But I like easy! Easy sounds great...doesn't it. Easy sounds manageable. I can swallow (kind-of) that loving God doesn't equal an easy life for me, but it's hard to watch my kids hurt. Knowing life won't be easy for them even if they love God and make good choices is tough. God does give us help and hope though. "As pressure and stress bear down on me, I find joy in your commands." (Psalm 119:143) I know this child read their Bible this morning, and they came home from school happier than when they left. Sometimes God just blesses a step in the right direction. I don't know what tomorrow holds, but God does give hope when life beats us up.

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