Need help? I sure do. Where do we turn? We can turn to our friends, husband, and family. We can read books and seek council. All of this is helpful and good, but we also have the creator of the heavens and earth available to us. "My help comes from the Lord, who made the heavens and the earth!"Psalm 121:2 I'm not sure if anything sounds more difficult than creating heaven and earth (Dinner can be tough for me to make at times.) so I believe with all my heart that the Lord can help me. He can help me make decisions, be a better mom, find wisdom, be patient, love unconditionally, have peace...The Lord is the one who can assist me. Even though I truly believe he can help me, I don't ask enough. At times I wait to ask, and I try accomplishing too much on my own. Let's stop and ask the One who is the Creator and Designer for the next step we should take.

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