There are "challenges" constantly given which encourage us to work on an area in our life that might need a little TLC. Fitness challenges, Facebook challenges, food challenges and I have a new challenge for us this week. It's a praise challenge. I believe God gives us many challenges in Scripture to keep our minds and hearts healthy. Throughout the pages in my Bible I have circled and underlined verses that state the importance of thanking God or praising God. God desires  for us  to  worship Him in this way, but He also gives us this challenge to keep our minds and heart working the way He designed them to function. Psalm 119:164 says, "I will praise you seven times a  day because all your laws are just."  I  have been given the challenge to  thank God  everyday,  and  I try  to  write  in  my  daily planner a praise  statement. But seven times a day is  a  big  challenge. That  means  from 6am-6pm (or however that works for you) we are thanking or  praising God. What a great  way to clean our hearts  and  minds!  This will effectively help us stick to the path God wants  us to walk. We  may  smile more too...not  because life  is  perfect, but because we are focused  on God. So the  challenge is  praise  God  7  times  a  day for 7  days...have  fun!

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