As I write today, I want to begin by saying, "I love being a mom." Today wasn't a great mom day though, and I only have four kids at home so I thought I could have an easy week. I thought this week with two kids at camp...I would be able to make everyone happy. But making my kids happy isn't really my job, and if it was, I definetly would have failed today. I find that my happiness is unfortunately tied to the happiness of those around me. My happiness is also closely connected to my success and accomplishments. The voice inside my head that reminds me of my struggles also steals my happiness. Is happiness a goal we should be striving toward? If happiness is attainable, where do we find it on days where life is tough and wearing? Walking on God's stepping stones equals happiness. "Make me walk along the path of your commands, for that is where my happiness is found." (Psalm 119:35) So happiness isn't found in easy days, accomplishments, money, people, or pedicures, but rather in walking on the stepping stones God's sets out for us to follow. Even if things are overwhelming, like the days our country has walked through recently, we can find happiness on God's walking path. Psalm 119 is a great place to find all the perks God wants us to have. Read it and list it...it's so rewarding!

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