The school year is ending for my kids this week, and it's time for the summer fun to begin. My kid's love the break from studying, schedules, and homework. By this time of year most are ready to close the school books. A friend and I were talking about how difficult it is at times to keep our children interested in school work and studying. She made the comment that she never needs to encourage her children to pick up a tablet or ipad to play. Playing on a tablet is a fun; studying for a test is not. Psalm 119:11 reminds me that I still have homework to accomplish. "I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you." Hiding God's Word in my heart means that I have memorized verses and principles from the Bible that I can recall when I need. These verses keep me from falling and sinning so they are a vital part of life. My kids are ready to turn their brains off, but summer may be a great time to pick a few verses to learn. Memorization is important at every age because it keeps us from falling. The "takeaway" this week is to decide to memorize a few verses that will help you. (and have fun doing it!) Psalm 119:11 may be a great place to start. 

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