During the last several months Cambree, my five year old, has been asking many questions about Jesus. One of my favorite questions was if Jesus was married. She has really been trying to figure out what she should do with Jesus. She learned a few verses and began to understand that she needed forgiveness because she disobeys, lies, tattles, and... She talked about asking for God's forgiveness and asking Jesus in her heart, but we just let her talk. Then one day last month, she said that she was going to ask Jesus in her heart because she wanted to go to heaven. She felt a sense of urgency, and I knew she wasn't going to wait any longer. She is so happy to have Jesus as her Savior! She truly understands, and she has been telling her friends and cousins about Jesus. Tonight she asked me if Jesus would always keep her safe. I told her that Jesus would always be with her. She smiled. There are many questions she asks that are hard to answer (especially to a five year old!). But the verses in Psalm 115 are verses that give me hope, and I know she will love someday too. "Not to us, O Lord, but to you goes all the glory for you unfailing love and faithfulness." (Psalm 115:1) God's love never fails, and He is faithful. Knowing about God's character helps me through the questions I can't answer. I'm so happy my daughter has a Savior that will love her without fail. Her mom will fail her, but God never will.  Be encouraged by God's character.

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