Promises...promises...many make promises, but many breaks promises. It's difficult even with the best intentions to keep our word. Promises are normally made with great intentions, but life twists and turns and distracts. As we age, we may even become cynical when we hear the word promise. Doubt and excuses come rushing into the circumstances. Who can truly keep a promise? All the political publicity currently can cause us to question promises. But God keeps His promises. Yes, of course He does, but if we whole-hardheartedly believed God's promises we would live notably different. I enjoy finding verses that state a promise fulfilled because it pushes me to live in the light of God's promises, and it helps me escape the questions and doubting. Joshua 21:45 says, "All of the good promises that the Lord had given Israel came true." Stop...and internalize that statement. Remember all the questions, whining, and failing, yet God still came through on His promises. I want to challenge you to circle the word promise whenever you see it in God's Word, and then remember God never breaks a promise.    

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