I have many years of journals, and most of the writing wouldn't be very interesting to anyone..just me. When I review the writing, and what I was praying about during the different seasons of life, I'm reminded of what God has done for me. God has worked on me, and I see how much I have to be thankful for through the years. Joshua 12 is an extremely boring chapter in the Bible, but it is a list of victories for Joshua and the Israelites. Victories are important to the winners and players, but more importantly this chapter reveals the faithfulness and strength of God. I serve a God who wins which means I win. Everyone needs to win. It's rough if we lose too much. I feel this in my kids. It helps to have days when they score a goal, receive an A, or significantly help someone. We never out-grow the desire to win, and this boring chapter proves that we all need a trophy at some point. Whatever your season of life, know that since we are on God's team, we win in the end.

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