There are times in life to reorganize, set new goals, and evaluate what's been completed. The beginning of the school year might be a good time to reset. Certain mile markers in life encourage us to think about what we have fulfilled. I have enjoyed  following Joshua through his journey in the promise land. I wonder how Joshua felt at this point. Was he tired of the battles, or was he ready for more?  He has accomplished so much, and now in chapter 13 God tells Joshua he's old. (I think if God tells you, you're old, you are really old!) The battles weren't complete, and there was more work still ahead for Israel.At some point we are all going to get old, but even before we get to Joshua's age...will we get tired? Do we have the strength to finish what God has given us to do? God has so much for all of us on our spiritual journey. We need to keep working and desiring to please God through our whole life journey. Remember: "Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

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