Finish well...

I recently walked through a historic home where someone with big ideas started many projects and renovations, but didn't finish any of them. It was sad to see one unfinished room after another because it could have been a home, but instead it was an empty disaster. "Finishing what you start" is a motto my mom said to me growing up because I would jump from one craft or project to another with the tendency not to finish or clean-up. It's hard to finish when you have the next bigger and better idea in mind. Sometimes it's hard to finish because the work gets tiring or boring.  In Joshua 16 and 17 the Israelites have come so far in their journey and battle in the promise land, but they are at a place where they are ready to settle. The land allotments are being given out, and they can see wandering is going to end. They were given the instruction of driving the Canaanites out of the land, but they didn't follow through and obey God. They just left a few Canaanites here and made a few slaves over there. Finishing well it's easy. Starting well is exciting and fun, but putting the finishing touches on a project at times are forgotten. It's almost you remember any of your goals for the year? How is your obedience track record? Have you reviewed answered prayers this year and thanked God? Have you read your life verse recently?. There are three months left in the year 2015 let's finish the time God gives us well.

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