In Joshua 15 Caleb is given the land that he was promised, and he did what he said he could...he fought. Then he asked for some help in conquering the city of Debir, and he threw out the prize of his daughter's hand in marriage. Othniel took the challenge, and he won the girl! And they lived happily ever after...Well, there are a couple verses that share a conversation between Acsah, Caleb's daughter, and Othniel. Acsah urges her husband to asks Caleb for more land. Caleb immediately asks his daughter when she comes what she wants. Did Caleb notice the nudge his daughter gave her husband? Did he over hear the whispers? Did he just see it in his daughter's eyes and know she wanted something? There are situations that dads can just read...just see through...they just know. So Acsah kindly asked her father for the springs she wanted, and her dad gave her the springs. Dads love their daughters. (I know dads mess up...dads might not all be great at showing love or saying the words.) Everyone has a different relationship with their dad, but I think Caleb is a great picture of a dad who loves his daughter. He found a brave and courageous man for her, and he set her up for life. However you feel about your dad, remember we each have a father who loves us unfailingly. God is our perfect father who can fill in all the holes and gaps where our earthly fathers fall short.
Takeaway...Trust God to fill in the broken places in your heart.

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