Israel defeated the cities of Jericho and Ai with such strength that all the kings in the area started to make plans because they were terrified. The kings west of the Jordan river combined their armies to fight Israel, but the people of Gibeon resorted to deception. Deception is a tough battle that we all fight. Today as I listened to the news I was reminded again that lying is a constant issue in our society, and it's a hot topic today.  Who do we believe? How do we trust? At times the truth is a struggle to find. Gibeon sent ambassadors to Joshua, and they thought of every detail including dry, moldy bread and ragged clothes to convince Joshua that they were from a distant country. Unfortunately, Joshua signed a peace treaty with these ambassadors, and then three days later they discovered that Gibeon was a nearby city.  How frustrating! But how would they know? Joshua 9:14 sadly says, "So the Israelite leaders examined their bread, but they did not consult the Lord." When I read this verse, I stopped. I am guilty of looking at the obvious...moldy bread and making decisions at times without asking God for help. It's vital to stop and ask God.

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