On Saturday morning Cambree dressed herself in a ballerina outfit she found in her costume box. As she walked down the stairs that morning, I was in disbelief that of all the mornings she picked that old costume that had been Clarice's. Cambree looks quite similar to Clarice, and on Saturday I wished I could turn back the clock to the days when Clarice could dance again in her little, pink leotard. Instead Saturday we packed up the car filled with all Clarice had to begin her new life at college. Even though I was sad to say good-bye, we enjoyed the day. As I pray for my daughter who I still can see in my memories dancing in anything that would "spin" (as she called it), I am praying the two themes that jump out to me as I study the book of Joshua. First, "Don't ever be afraid or discouraged...Be strong and courageous..."(Joshua 10:25) During the book of Joshua, he is battling the enemies of Israel, and today we have enemies too. Enemies can be people who trip us up, cloud our direction, or lie to us. An enemy can also be the voice of fear or discouragement in our head. Next is the clear direction to obey God. Joshua did "just as the Lord, the God of Israel, had commanded." (Joshua 10:40) Joshua conquered the land, and he finished the job God gave him. Obedience to God equals a better life. Obedience is the daily, hourly, minute by minute choice to live according to God's Word. So I'm praying for my daughter to be strong and obedient to God, knowing He is fighting for her.  Because there's actually one more thread through Joshua that I love...God is not only the one who wins the battles, He fights the battles. We all just need the strength to take a step in the right direction and the faith to believe God will win for us. We all need that encouragement!

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