I just have a couple days left before my Clarice leaves for college. As I work through the emotions once again for the second year in a row of letting go, I am reminded of what I've learned. Not only did I struggle with good-bye last fall, but I also began to worry. Worrying was a new issue for me, and I realized quickly that I needed to be praying more. One of the encouraging stories I found was in Joshua 10. In this chapter Joshua is at battle once again. God had told Joshua that he would give him victory and even though Joshua was promised he would defeat the Amorites, Joshua asked God to make the sun stand still. Stopping the sun in the sky gave Joshua and the army more time to defeat their enemies completely.  It's shocking to me though that Joshua asked for more...more than just victory. I can ask God for more too. I love Joshua 10:14 "The Lord fought for Israel that day. Never before or since has there been a day like that one, when the Lord answered such a request from a human being." God listens to me, and He desires for me to ask. In 2 Samuel 12:8 God says to David, "...And if that had not been enough, I would have given you much, much more." Instead of being overwhelmed... instead of worrying...I can ask God for something beyond what seems appropriate or safe. I can hand over my sadness, my worry, and my struggles by asking God for the crazy. Do I believe He can truly do anything and everything?

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