As I read the first five verses of Joshua 11, I felt that Joshua must have been overwhelmed by fear as the armies lined up against Israel. The list of kings that came to fight Israel is ridiculously long. King Jabin of Hazor heard what had happened, and he contacted many, many kings to fight Israel. King Jobab, king of Shimron, king of Acshaph, all the kings of the northern hill country, kings in the Joradan Valley, kings in the western foothills, kings of Naphothdor, kings of Canaan, kings of the Amorites, kings of the Hittites, kings of the Perizzites, and kings in the Jebusite hill country came to fight.The armies covered the landscape like the sand on the seashore. Have you ever felt like you were up against crazy odds? Sometimes the landscape of life seems to be against us, but God is always in control. God once again tells Joshua the loved phrase of the book, "Do not be afraid of them." Whatever may be in front of us, God has the same not be afraid. Fear stops us, traps us, and defeats us. Israel moved forward though, and won the battle because they trusted God. Pray knowing God will work, and don't live paralyzed by fear.  Pray for water and sewer on our campus knowing God is in control.

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