Patience is quite an amazing character trait to possess. To be patient can be so hard. Cambree, at age 4, found a cough drop in my room under my desk, and she knew that she needed to ask to eat "candy". Since she was under the desk, she stayed there with the cough drop in her hand. She stayed there so long that she fell asleep. After missing Cambree for awhile, I searched the house. Discovering her under the desk with a cough drop, still in the wrapper, in her little hand was a great reminder of patience to me. Waiting...and waiting... In Joshua chapter 7 Achan took a robe, 200 silver coins, and a bar of gold from Jericho, and he lost his life because of it. (God said don't take anything!) In Joshua 8 God tells Joshua to tell the people to keep the captured goods. Achan only had to wait for the next battle, the next city. If he had waited he could have had more than a robe, 200 coins, and a bar of gold. God's timing is never off; God's clock is never slow. Like Achan we don't know God's big plan, or the picture He's painting. I find it hard to be patient at times, but maybe like Cambree if we stop and wait we can enjoy candy instead of bitter medicine.

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