Do you ever have days where you fail? Since I have now been alive for 44 years, it seems like I should be prepared and ready to handle the days where I fail, but it still comes as a frustrating surprise. Certain days I fail at simple events in life that really shouldn't matter that much to me but failing is failing, and failing is not enjoyable. Failure brings discouragement. My failure this week was my effort at hosting Easter. The list of what didn't go according to my plans was long, and even when my plans started to unravel, I thought I could recover the mistakes. I was wrong. My meat didn't turn out well, and I didn't make enough (even though I asked the meat market for help). I felt disorganized. And a few of my kids were crabby...on Easter! It was enjoyable to be with family and friends, but I was disappointed in myself. It happens...But I love that God never fails. Joshua 1 states  three promises that God gave to Joshua that apply to us also. God will be with us, God will not fail, and God will not abandon us. God brings safety and security that we will never have in our own efforts even if it seems like we have it all together.  No one else in our life can promise to never fail us or never leave us even if they have the best intentions. God will never fail!

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