Snow! I know not many share my love, but I enjoy snow. Snow days are a wonderful way to slow down, and the snow makes the landscape beautiful. We enjoyed a day of sledding and outside fun...and no school. Snow makes the trees and ground look clean. Snow gives the outside the appearance of something pure. I'm reminded that God desires for us to be pure. Ephesians 5 gives a list of sins that God says have no place among God's people. The list is sexual immorality, impurity,greed, obscene stories, foolish talk, and coarse jokes. Then the writer says instead be thankful to God. So to avoid the sinful list, be thankful. Thankfulness has a much larger impact on my heart and life then I realize. If I want to live right, I must be thankful. Such a simple thought, but a thought that has life changing capabilities. Thanksgiving was about three months ago, but it is important to dwell on what we are thankful for daily. What are you thankful for today? Being thankful keeps us from sin.

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