My pastor when we were first married (my husband's boss) taught on the put-off...put-on principle, and I've never forgotten it. I do forget to put it into practice, but I still see it in God's Word in different verses that I study. Ephesians 4:25-28 has great put-off...put-on principles. The concept behind the phrase is that whenever we put-off or stop an activity, attitude, or habit, we put-on something else. If we only make the change, it may not stick. The first simplistic thought is put-off lying and put-on telling the truth. Next, put-off allowing anger to control you and put-on daily reconciling. Put-off stealing and put-on working so you can give to those in need. (Isn't that great!) Last, put-off mean words and swearing by putting-on helpful, encouraging words. Have fun finding these in God's Word. I enjoy these principles because they are real simple thoughts.

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