December is here! Thanksgiving is over, but I'm hoping that my thankful heart lingers. We cut out our "thankful leaves" again this year, and we wrote on the leaves what we are thankful for in 2014. Normally, when I reflect on what I'm thankful for, I write about the blessings in my life or answered prayer. But this year I wrote about the situations in my life that are frustrating...some areas God has been working on in me. God had lessons for me that I can't say I was thankful for immediately, but I do see His hand, and how I need to change. Contemplation came from reading Ephesians 3:1-3 because Paul shares how he is a prisoner, and he is in jail because he is doing God's special ministry. Do you have an area of life where your good choices and positive response didn't turn out favorably? Life isn't always fair even if we are serving God or trying to live right. Paul was a prisoner. You are (fill in the blank ______). Choosing to be thankful, identify one difficulty and thank God for His work.

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