Today was a beautiful, 65 degree day in November that I spent at the zoo. I probably could have been at the grocery store shoppping for Thanksgiving dinner or buying Christmas gifts since there are only 6 weeks left until Christmas. Though the holiday season is close, the weather is misleading me. It's hard to imagine, but change is coming. Changing...what changed when Christ became your leader? Ephesians 2:11-13 gives us a glimpse back to life without Christ. We were outsiders, and we lived apart from Christ. Futhermore, we lived without God, without His promises and without hope. Then the change, belonging to Christ...we went from being far away from God to close. Because of Chrit's death on the cross, we are close to God. How would you describe your relationship with Christ? God is near us. Are we taking full advantage of being within His touch? Are we believing His promises? Write one of God's promises out on a notecard and remember He is near.

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