Do you ever tell people you love or people who are hurting that you will pray for them? How do you pray? What if you don't really know what difficulty they are struggling through, you can just sense they need prayer. How can we effectively pray for others? Ephesians 1:15-18 gives us a guide that Paul used.
Here are the steps:
1. Thank God for the person.
2. Pray for them constantly.
3. Pray for spiritual wisdom and understanding.
4. Pray that their hearts would be flooded with light so they would understand their inheritance.

I love the phrase that their "hearts would be flooded with light" because it means to give understanding to or enlighten in the Greek. Daily trials and the circumstances surrounding us can cause us to loose sight of the amazing inheritance God has for us. That inheritance can't be damaged or destroyed because it is God's Kingdom. Looking forward helps all of us manage the daily.

Pray these four steps this week for someone on your prayer list.

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