It's a sign of maturing in my house when you take a shower. "Tubby times" are great when life is slow or when you need to keep a toddler contained, but showers get the job done completely and quickly (depending on the child!) Showers are overwhelming though to some young ones because the water covers their little bodies completely and without stopping for breaks. Once they are comfortable with the constant water, it's a refreshing experience.

Ephesians 1:6-8 says that God showers us with his kindness, wisdom, and understanding. I love the picture of that! But like the showers in my house we need to actually jump in the shower to be showered. Are you enjoying the constant, refreshing kindness, wisdom, and understanding of God? Like my kids we may get sidetracked on our way up to the shower. Sometimes I'm amazed that I don't just stop and get refreshed by God when I need to be.

Today, take the time to write out all the kindness God has shown to you and enjoy the shower!

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