I lived 38 years in the midwest, except for four years of college in Florida. For seven years I lived in Plainfield,Illonois, and once I went on a field trip with my daughter Clarice to a field. The guide said, "Look around kids, this is why where you live is called a plain field." Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania is beautiful though with all the trees and hills which I love, but I still struggle with the roads. In Plainfield, the roads were straight, and even when I was lost, I could figure out where I needed to go. Here I am still amazed at which roads connect. Directions aren't really too challenging anymore, but my young drivers maveuring on these roads make me nervous. Psalm 18:30 jumped out at me because of these curvy roads. "What a God! His road stretches straight and smooth. Every God direction is road-tested. Everyone who runs toward Him makes it." So I saw three simple thoughts. First, God's road is straight and smooth. I love straight and smooth. It sounds safe and secure to me. Next, God's direction is tested. God's plan works, and I need to follow Him. Lastly, everyone who runs toward God makes it. What a beautiful promise! Stay on God's road because He promises us that we will make our destination...even with hills, curves, deer, ice, snow, and road blocks.

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