Summer life is fun in our house because we usually have some out-of-town family spend their vacation with us. Last week my brother-in-law and sister-in-law and their four children stayed at our home. We went to parks, played exciting baseball games, swam at a pool, enjoyed a day at the ocean, painted some crafts, watched a couple movies, and engaged in a few video game competitions. One of the craziest times of the day though was dinner. Fourteen for dinner each evening was interesting. I'm always amazed at how quickly my children can eat when there is something more worthwhile than eating to do.(Playing with cousins is definitely better!)By the time I put my food on my plate and sat down to eat, a few kids were done. It was great fun though...not quiet or relaxing...

Psalm 15 addresses who gets to be invited to God's house for dinner. There is a list and being a cousin isn't on it. It does say:
1. Walk straight
2. Act right
3. Tell the truth
4. Don't hurt your friend
5. Don't blame your neighbor
6. Despise the despicable
7. Keep your word even when it costs you
8. Make an honest living
9. Never take a bribe

I enjoy lists. But when I look at this list, I have some work to do. I love the crazy cousin dinners, but I want to be God's dinner guest too. Do you have some work to do? Work toward that dinner date.

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