This week I began reading the book Crash the Chatterbox> by Steven Furtick. Throughout the book he writes about the chatter that rolls around in our heads. Things we say to ourselves that we shouldn't, but we do. Do you ever struggle with the voice in your head? Sometimes we can be our worst enemy. Many battles and struggles take place in our heads. As I was reading in Psalms 11, I read these words of David, "I trust in the Lord for protection." David was a solider and a king. David needed physical protection, and we do too. Having young drivers in my house makes me pray for protection more! But do I pray for protection that I need emotionally and spiritually? Do I trust God with my inner issues and secrets? Our minds need the same protection or bodies do. "In some ways insecurity is the ultimate insult to God. Because when we allow insecurity to override God's purpose in our lives, we're implying that He didn't quite get the job done when He put us together." (Steve Furtick) When you hear the voice of doubt and insecurity in your head, say Psalm 11:1, "I trust in the Lord for protection."

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