Today we went to Rehoboth Beach for the day, and tonight we enjoyed "Funland". Vacationing is relaxing and fun. The biggest surprise of the day was my 7 year old, Caden. Deep in him is an adventurous spirit that shined through tonight. My kids wanted to ride the "Haunted House", and Caden said he wanted to go with them. I was shocked! They waited in a long line, and I thought maybe he would jump out of line and find me. Instead he stuck through the line and loved the ride. Then he rode the "Sea Dragon" which is a pretty scary ride. He completed the ride and seemed to enjoy it. Wondering where this bravery came from tonight. I think, he may have felt secure with his older brother and sisters riding with him. Being secure changes the way he looked at life today. Everyone looks at life differently when they feel safe and secure. God promises us protection and security, but sometimes we don't trust Him. What adventures would I undertake if I trusted in God to protect me? How many rides in life do I miss because I'm not secure in God. The Psalms are full of verses about God's protection. "I come to you for protection, O Lord my God..."(Psalm 7:1) I want to live the way Caden did tonight-adventurous... because I feel safe in God's love and plan for me.

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