There are times in life where our feelings and emotions can be hard to describe. Emotions are difficult to identify and monitor on certain days. As I read the journals of David, the king of Israel and writer of many Psalms, I am struck by the idea that he expresses how he feels to God. He is honest. He is real. He makes his requests. In Psalm 6 David asks God for mercy, compassion, healing, and rescuing. The healing is for his heart. Sobbing is how David spends his nights, and he has become worn out because of his grief. But David tells God how he feels. I think, it's easy to either avoid thinking through how I feel or to tell a friend. But to open our heart to God could put us in a vulnerable position. What if we say too much? What if God is disappointed? What if God doesn't answer?

My oldest, Cameron, graduated from high school this past weekend. The senior year was exciting and overwhelming to me. The emotions I've felt have had huge swings on the scale. Talking to God about all my feelings...the highs and the lows help. I know, I need to be more transparent before God. I believe if I could be open with my heart and feelings the way David was, I would heal quicker, and I would depend on God more. Being real starts in our relationship with God.

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