Beautiful days make smiles. Summer like weather makes people happy. This Memorial weekend is going to be warm and sunny so there are going to be many happy people. What makes you happy? Sand, water, sun, and ice cream cones will put smiles on many faces this weekend. I have a friend who said she just wants to be happy. I think, we all love being happy. When a day goes just right...when it meets our expectations, it helps us be happy. It helps us feel good. The problem is how many days go right. How can we be happy? Psalm 1 starts the book of Psalms out by talking about this subject. The verses give us just a few simple thoughts on happy. First happy people don't follow bad advice. We need to watch where we get our guidance. It's too easy to follow what everyone else is doing. Next happy people love God's Word. To love God's Word we need to be in it and know it. Last, happy people mediate on God's Word. Mediating becomes just a way of life...happy people think about God's Word throughout the day.

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