Tonight I enjoyed a fun but long track banquet for my daughter, Clarice. Endless acknowledgements, long thank-yous, and lists of accomplishments was the agenda. We did eat too. As I watched 143 high school boys and girls be congradulated on their season, it was obvisious that they loved being awarded and appreciated. All were smiling. For the seniors it was the last athletic banquet. Probably for some it might be the last award they receive for a long time, maybe ever. Awards are few and far between the older you are. The purpose of tonight was to acknowledge the accomplishments and to encourage. Many students are involved in clubs, sports, and music for the satification that comes from being award for what they can do.

Whether we think about it or not, we all need to be acknowledged. We all need attention...the attention that says I see you, hear you, and believe in you. When I read the Psalms, I am reminded of David's openness with God because he simply asks for what he needs. In the 5th Psalm David asks the Lord to hear him three times in three verses, and then he asks for Him to pay attention to him. David needed God. Sometimes we may have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus by seeing, hearing, and believing in others. Acknowledge the gifts and abilities of those around you. Take the time to award someone in your life. Maybe with a card, a note, or just a kind word. God can use us to help others. At ValleyPoint we have several ladies who are involved in giving out "bags" that have a few helpful, encouraging items in them like candles, chocolate, tea, etc. I have received a few notes this year that said, "I never thought I would be the one receiving the bag." Award, encourage, or acknowledge someone this week with love.

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