Today I tried to collect all the Easter baskets, eggs, and the wonderful Easter grass from the rooms and corners of my house. The celebration of Easter is a time to enjoy family and friends and remember Christ's amazing sacrifice. The time to reflect on what actually happened on the weekend of Christ's death and resurrection, makes my faith come alive again. Christ's sacrifice changed the world. It changed our future; it changed our purpose. Paul talks in Romans 15 about his purpose, and he says that he wants to tell those who have never heard of Christ. He wants those who have never heard...to see Jesus. He wants those who have never heard..to get the message. Paul had a specific mission, and he was able to see it accomplished because he says that the areas where he had been pioneering for Christ were done. He told many the Easter story. I have many in my neighborhood...my areas that I haven't talked to yet. I want them to see Jesus and get the message. It's truly the greatest gift. I'm forever grateful to my neighbor who shared the Easter story with me when I was just 7. She was the first person to ever tell me Christ died for me, and it changed my future. It gave me a real relationship with Christ, and it gave me hope and security for my future. Easter eggs, baskets, and chocolate are great, but nothing compares to the gift of Jesus.

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