I had the honor of speaking at the "Come to the Well" conference in Illinois this past weekend. It was a great event where women were encouraged and challenged. Amazing amounts of people were volunteers for the conference, and the volunteers were happy and hard working. Attention to details was definitely a strength for this event.

I learned a few lessons for me this weekend. First, I was reminded how God's Word gives me strength. Because I was speaking, I was nervous. I had been anxious and excited since the initial contact where I was asked to speak. I didn't want my nerves to overshadow what I was saying. Before I spoke, I read, "Cast all your anxiety on (God) because he cares for you." (I Peter 5:7) Such a simple thought but extremely encouraging words. These words aren't just any words...these are God's holy, inspired words. Sometimes I forget how sacred and powerful God's Words are. I gave my worries to God, and it helped me immensely.(No puking!) I need to remember to do what God tells me to do.

Next, I had the opportunity to see family and friends. Because we rarely see our family and time is so limited when we return to Illinois, I hadn't seen most friends from the Midwest in two years. It was encouraging to see others continuing to walk their journey for Christ. My heart was full and happy!

Last, the body of Christ is a great network. I learned new and unique ways to look at women's ministry because I was around women who see life differently from me. I hope to change and grow because of what I observed.

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