Legos are on my brain! Maybe it's the "Bricks" series at church for the kids, or maybe it's the Lego movie I watched on Saturday.(Loved it!) It could also be that there are Legos all over my house. Legos are fun, and they are quite a bit of work to put together. The big sets take so much time and patience. To watch all the little pieces turn into a stage coach or a princess castle, is amazing though. When all the pieces fit together, they create a unique art figure. The church has many individual people who unite to make something beautiful.

Prophesying, serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leadership, mercy...are all gifts that God gives to us. It's all the pieces or bricks of the church. Each of us has a gift. The gift is given to us so the church can be the church. There are different parts in the church that work together to accomplish God's purposes. The gifts we have are unique to us, and the gifts are what we have a natural tendency toward. God created us uniquely and each of us fulfills a special part. (Romans 12:4-8) I've put together some Lego sets with missing pieces, and it's frustrating. It doesn't work as well, and the creation doesn't resemble the picture on the box. We are all needed in the church; we all need to use our gifts. Each piece makes a difference. You are a special piece of the church!

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