Snow days are wonderful to me! I love them! Today was especially great because no one could go anywhere by 11 am because the roads were getting slippery, and my husband was even home by 3 pm. We were stuck together, and it made for a great night to make chocolate chip cookies and play. Not only do I love when my kids don't have school, I think, snow is beautiful. (I know, I'm crazy!) God shows His creative work and power in snow storms. I love that God decided to make us all slow day today.

Romans 11 describes God as wonderful, rich in wisdom and knowledge, and impossible to totally understand. God is beyond my words and my thoughts. He is God. I will never totally understand, but I see how wonderful He is in the beauty of the snow. His wisdom and knowledge is the Bible. Every day I need His wisdom. I try daily to leave my Bible and journal on my kitchen table until I read and write what I learned from God that day. His wisdom changes me, and I know I need work. Since the day is going to be slow again tomorrow...more snow! Take some extra time to be amazed by God.

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