I love cute, chubby little baby feet. I have a pair of baby shoes and a pair of baby socks in my sock drawer because the days of little feet are coming to a close in my house. Feet aren't as cute the bigger they get. My oldest two children played fall sports that were extremely hard on their feet. They both had blisters, lost toe nails, and had bruises. Even though it's January, their feet are still healing, and they are far from cute. So feet..."How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" God used beautiful to describe feet. These are feet with a purpose. Feet that are taking the message of Romans 10 which is the story of God's plan of how we can have a relationship with Him.

God's plan is simple, but He has asked us to carry it out with our feet. My feet are busy with school, kids, meetings, games, errands, but what about carrying out God's plan? I need to spend more intentional time on my feet. My feet need some work, and I do need a pedicure. But I desire to have feet that God says are beautiful.

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