Who do you listen to? Who is in charge of you? Romans 6 asks that question. Some days I wonder who really is the boss in my house because I seem to listen to a 2 year old quite a bit. There are a few other children who like to share their opinions also.

God has freed us from the law, and we don't have to follow the hundreds of rules that were part of life in the Old Testament. But we don't have a free pass to sin. "Whatever you choose to obey becomes your master." What or who have you chosen to obey? Is it Christ? Or are you obeying something or someone you never truly planned to obey. It can happen quietly. It happens when we are hurrying through life without purpose.

Cambree, 2, is a princess now. She loves princess clothes and crowns. She has chosen her little friend Evan across the street for her king. It's fun to watch. She decided who she plans on following this week. Don't go through life without choosing God, daily, to be your King. Then enjoy obeying Him.

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