Sometimes life is messy. I really don’t like messes. I don’t enjoy when life feels out of control. Today the switch from summer to school was messy. Crayons, markers, notebooks, paperwork, and schedules were all ready and organized, but we still didn’t make a good transition. It took me by surprise, but the reality that we can’t live on vacation hit our family hard today. We could all feel the stress, pressure, and exhaustion from the first day by later this afternoon. I had a few crabby kids!

But they really aren’t alone in being a mess. Romans 3:21-26 says that we were basically a mess. We couldn’t live the life that God planned for us so in His generosity He gave us the gift to restore us to where he wanted us to be. God has made us right. God has taken us out of our mess.

On days like today, it’s good for me to remember that I’m really not a mess because of what God has done for me. Tonight as I finish preparing for another school day I’m thankful for God’s promises.

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