"You think you can instruct the ignorant and teach children the ways of God. For you are certain that in God's law you have complete knowledge and truth. Well then, if you teach others, why don't you teach yourself? You tell others not to steal, but do you steal? You say it is wrong to commit adultery, but do you do it? You condemn idolatry, but do you steal from pagan temples? You are so proud of knowing the law, but you dishonor God by breaking it. No wonder the Scriptures say, "The world blasphemes the name of God because of you."(Romans 2:20-24)

"Actions speak louder than words." "Do as I say not as I do." I guess, these verses shouldn't be too shocking because we all fall into the trap of not living up to our words. But we need to think about the message we are living. I was disciplining one of my children yesterday, and Cambree, my two-year old, walked over to her sibling with one hand on her hip and her chubby little finger pointing. She clearly stated the punishment
again just in case they didn't get the idea the first time. It's a good thing the Cambree is cute because her sister wasn't too impressed! I have to watch what I say because it might be repeated.

We all are impacting others. If we love Christ, we have too live what we say and live what we believe.

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