When people "do good", it makes life better. Simple kind acts make people happy. When my daughter Cailee was three, she would always ask for a bouquet of flowers at the check out. Being the nice mother, I said, "no" week after week. It was just the usual question at the check-out. Instead of candy she asked for flowers. One week the man behind us in the line had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Cailee asked her usually question, and the man gave her one of his flowers. Cailee was so happy! She held that flower so proudly. She kept that flower until it fell apart. Small acts of kindness make people smile. Romans 2:10 says, "But there will be glory and honor and peace from God for all who do good-" There is a great blessing in doing good. Not only does it make others happy, we can have glory, honor, and peace.

Peace is desired by all of us. God gives us the secret for good. Good is pretty general. There is a wide open door for us to find good to do. We all probably have many in our lives that need our good deeds. Our family needs our good deeds. Those who don't know Christ need to see good in us. This week-do good. Maybe give a flower.

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