Be thankful...

It's graduation time, and that's such a milestone event in life. I remember feeling like I had accomplished so much. I even felt a little smart. Then I went to college, and I clearly recall being overwhelmed with how much I didn't know. By the end of college, I knew I had learned so much. I started realizing I knew a lot of information. Then came the station of life where I had children, and I tried to learn as much as I could about parenting. Now...I still try to learn, but I pray for wisdom. I need God's wisdom to make it from day to day.

One of the verses that is really tragic to me is found in Romans 1:19. It says that they knew God BUT...they didn't glorify God, and they didn't thank God. So the result...their thinking was futile or useless, and their hearts were dark. They thought they were wise, but they became fools. I don't think of not being thankful as a sin with consequences similar to lying or stealing, but God says it is. Respecting God and thanking him keeps us on the track of being wise.

So...give God the reverence he deserves and thank Him.

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