Each day I make a list of what I need to do for the day. I love to cross off the items on the list. (As I'm writing this, I just stopped because I remembered I had something on my list I needed to do for one of my kids.) Sometimes I don't write down everything I really want to do because I like to finish the list each day. Sometimes I write down projects I accomplish that aren't on the list for the day...just to make myself feel better. Lists give me direction for the day. Lists help me make progress I can see.

God gives us a few lists in Scripture. James 4:7 is one of my favorite lists. It's a simple one, but it's a lifetime list. I need to live it everyday.

1. Submit to God.
2. Resist the devil.
3. Come near to God.
4. Purify your heart.
5. Grieve for your sin.
6. Humble yourself.

Submit to God...obey, obey, obey! I tell my kids to obey all the time, but how am I at obeying? Resist the devil...I can't even step where temptation might be. How aware of my weaknesses am I? Come near to God...pray, read His Word, praise Him and love Him. Purify your heart...It feels good when my house is clean. When even the closets are organized, it's a good day. I have to live a clean life...the closed doors need to be opened and confessed. Grieve...I need to see my sin the way God does. Tears are good. Be humble...see myself the way God sees me.

A list I needed to review. You?

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