So one of the favorite activities in my house is fighting. Light saber fights, pegging each other with balls, throwing stuffed animals at each other, and wrestling. These are all happy least they start that way, but fighting can be a way of life.

What causes arguments and quarrels? Have you ever wondered? The Bible gives us two reasons. First, we argue because of the struggles we have internally. What are we battling within our hearts? Next, James 4 says that we argue because we don't get what we want. We all have things we want. Are those things eating away at us and hurting our relationships? So what should we do? We need to ask God with pure motives. I love the simplicity of these verses. Simple doesn't mean easy though. It's so clear that we won't argue as much if we have our heart right and ask God for what we truly need, but that's so hard to live.

This week we need to check our hearts. What's happening on the inside of us? If our hearts are right with God our relationships will be better...not perfect and not always easy but better.

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