It's hard to watch someone who is hurting. At times it seems like there are so many people who are walking through overwhelming days. I struggle with what to say or how to help. We can say that we are sorry. We can ask if there is something we can do. We can inquire if they need anything, but how do we really help? I don't think there are easy simple answers.

James 2:14-17 talks about how if we know of a or clothing, and we don't do anything to help we don't really have faith. Real faith does what is needed. The needs of others aren't always clear, but if we see a need, we need to act.

Real faith helps provide for the needs of others. First, try to find a specific way you can help someone who is hurting or in need. In crisis we don't always know what we need so be creative and think about what you would need in their situation. Next, ask permission. (Example: to make them a meal) Last, do it. Let your real faith help.

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