Some days my sweet children work on teaching me patience. Today was one of those days! I don't believe their mother's patience is what they were really trying to accomplish, but by the end of some days, I either have more patience, or I have lost it. In the chaos of life sometimes those teachable moments are hard to see. Having the patience to work through difficulties to a profitable end seems like too much work some days.

James 1:12 says, "God blesses the people who patiently endure testing..." I tend to see "testing" as something much bigger than the everyday relationships in my life, but I believe, these are probably the relationships that we don't deal with as well. The daily things we gloss over catch us off guard, and then we have a mess.

Today, wasn't one of my favorite days to start with, but I was able to have a couple great heart-to-heart conversations later in the day. When we endure the tests of life, there is a blessing. We might not always see it right away, but God promises to bless us. We need patience in every area of life. Patience means "the act of waiting calmly for someone or something."'s a lifelong goal.

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