These are a few thoughts from the Real event this past Saturday.
Philippians 2:1-11 are just amazing verses that give us a great perspective on Jesus. Jesus our Savior. There is so much to learn from these verses about God and Jesus and their relationship to each other. Theologically, this is called the Kenosis passage because Christ “emptied” himself. But we are going to focus on a couple words…the first word is humility. Humility is almost a lost art of sorts, and I think, we find it hard to describe and harder to attain. Verse three says, “do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” Jesus is our greatest example of humility. How he gave up his rights and “emptied” himself to die for us as sinners is just hard to understand. I can’t truly wrap my mind around that. How do we bring what Christ has done for us into our everyday life? How can I truly be humble?

So here are a few real life examples... We think a teacher is not being fair with our child…do we tell them what we really think of them or do we respond in kindness. A humble person excepts the teacher and deals graciously while seeking the best solutions for their child.

What if we fail? We lose our integrity, or we mess up a relationship. We lose a position at work because we truly are not good enough. What do we do? Respond with humility, and we accept failure. Failure is a hard word. We don’t like anything about the word, but we all fail. We each have to come to grips with our failure. We must all admit our failure and then learn from it. Sometimes we can help others when we share our failures.

My teenager knows everything…somehow they are smarter and wiser than everyone(in their own eyes). Do I let them know that they are obnoxious? Humility will listen and graciously respond to even foolish sayings.

My husband is not hearing what I’m really saying…do I over react and let him truly hear me loud and clear, or am I patience and humble? A few months ago I was telling my husband something that I really wanted him to hear…grasp…and change. He listened and said ok, but nothing changed. I did not know how to get him to understand what I was saying. It was about dealing with some family stuff. Then he came home one day reading a new book, and he started reading aloud to me while I was making dinner and kids were running around because that’s how 6 o'clock works in our house. He is ready to talk over the chaos and share what he has been working on or reading which I love, but I can’t always totally hear or respond intelligently. And as he is reading his new book to me he stops and says-I think, this is what you were trying to tell me a few months ago. See,I’m getting it. It was a wonderful moment!

My child messes up…that’s humbling! Do I respond in humility? Do I help them seek forgiveness?

Humility is ok with saying I'm sorry. Humility responds in kindness. Humility is patient when those in our life are losing it. Humility accepts failure and keeps walking.

This week I'm still working on

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