Ice cream...

My son Chandler loves buying ice cream from the ice cream man. It just makes him happy. He has some birthday money still, and I think, his plan is to spend the rest of it on ice cream. A couple weeks ago Chandler came into the front door with two items from the ice cream man. He bought a huge ice cream cone with sprinkles on it. He took the cone and handed it to Cambree, my one year old. She was so excited. He said, "mom, you should see her face." He made Cambree a very happy little girl. There is probably nothing sweeter than acts of kindness done purely out of love.

As adults we may loose a little of that tenderness. We are too concerned at times about how much, why, and when. (He gave the cone to Cambree about 30 minutes before dinner.) Philippians 2:3 says, "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves." We tend to do things for ourselves. It may be to benefit us, or it might be so we look good to someone else. This week do something purely out of love for someone else and enjoy their face! As you think about what you are going to do, remember we are to think...others first.

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