This last weekend I was able to get away and go to the Women of Faith conference in Philly with some wonderful ladies from ValleyPoint. The weekend truly touched my heart. I keep thinking about some of the stories that were shared. I wrote down some wise thoughts that I'm trying to make a part of my thinking. One of my favorite speakers was Patsy Clairmont. She talked about how it's so much easier for us to see a problem in someone else than to see a problem in ourselves. The way she said it was very memorable. I have been thinking about how I worry too much about others when I have plenty of my own issues to deal with daily!

Paul talks in Philipians 1:15-18 about how there were people preaching about Christ for selfish reasons, but he then says...who cares. The message about Christ is going out so even if they are doing it for the wrong reasons, Paul wasn't going to stress about it. Instead, he celebrated.

So how do you feel about people who do things the wrong way for the wrong reasons? Does it drive you crazy? Nothing is more important than people hearing about Christ, yet Paul still "let it go". I wonder how much less stressed we would be if we just concentrated on our own hearts. If people were saying it isn't Christ's work on the cross alone for salvation, Paul would have spoken differently, but they were just trying to stir-up trouble for him. He saw that as-not a big deal.

What do I need to let go? Is there something that bugs me about someone, but really it's because I have the same problem?

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